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We take a flight with Monarch Airlines from Corfu to Manchester to sample their latest inflight meals which were launched back in 2014. The airline is no longer operating.


Normally you can order meals at the time of booking your ticket or you can call the airlines reservation centre after making your booking and their staff will assist. However, because our flight was a Monarch charter flight we had to call a company called Avro flights in order to pre-order our meal.

We paid the 8 pounds and were given no meal choice instead we were told that we would receive a choice of meals inflight. It’s worth noting that passengers who pre-order a meal on Monarch will normally be served first and these meals include a free cup of tea or coffee.


Firstly you are given the ‘Divine Meals’ box which on this flight contained an Apple Pudding Dessert, Mini Cheese Box, Wholemeal Bread and Butter. In addition to this meal box you will also receive your hot inflight meal our choices were the Chicken Korma or Cider Sausages, we were in the mood for something international and the Chicken Korma it was.



Whilst looks can be deceiving the Chicken Korma dish was actually very tasty and authentic, the chicken was moist, the potatoes were cooked well, the rice was not too dry and the Naan Bread was delicious. We’ve eaten quite a few Indian dishes inflight and find that Indian dishes work really well and taste great at 35,000ft, so if there is ever an Indian dish on the menu we encourage you to order it!


Booking the meal over the telephone with Avro was a little painful it took quite a while to get through to someone, so plan ahead book the meal via the website if you can. Also note that our pre order meal didn’t actually make the fligh, the cabin crew advised that no order had been received for us. We then had to prove that the pre order meal was in fact ordered through the call centre and we showed a confirmation to the cabin crew to prove it. The issue was quickly resolved by the crew and our meal was served promptly, phew.


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