Inflight Reviews


Here you’ll find the various airline food options offered on a number of airlines that I’ve flown with. Find out what to expect when dining in economy or business class, take a behind the scenes look at inflight catering kitchens, as well as new inflight catering concepts and anything related to airline food.

swiss airlines aircraft zurich airport gate gourmet
Review: The Swiss Experience
tap economy class meal
Review: TAP PORtugal Economy and EconomyXtra
Thai Airways Catering Restaurant
china airlines meal economy class
Review: China Airlines Economy Class
garuda indonesia economy class meal
Review: GAruda Economy Class
westjet economy class meal
Review: The Westjet Economy Class Experience
Eva Air Business Class Honey Chicken Meal
Review: EVA AIR Business class
Thai Airways Economy Class Meals
REVIEW: Thai Airways Economy Class
Qatar Airways economy class meal
Review: Qatar Airways Food
spirit airlines aircraft
Review: SPirit Airlines Meals and Onboard Snacks
Air Calin Inflight Meal Economy Class
Review: Air Calin Economy Class Sydney to Noumea
Thomson/TUI inflight meals economy class short haul
Review: TUI UK Airline Food Experience
Alaska Airlines Pre Order Meals
Review: Alaska Airlines Pre Order Meal Review
Qantas business class soup starter
Review: The Qantas Domestic Experience.
Jetstar Premium Pre Order Meal Singapore
Review: Jetstar Asia Meals
Bangkok Airways economy class meal Bangkok to Phuket
Review: Bangkok Airways Economy Class
bamboo airways meal economy class
Review: Bamboo Airways Vietnam
chicken schnitzel pegasus airlines economy class meal
Review: Pegasus Airlines
Turkish airlines business class entree
Review: Turkish Airlines Athens to Montreal
SAS Scandinavian airlines Cube inflight meal
The Best Airline Food 2018
scoot airlines pre order meal
Review: Scoot Airlines Economy Class
Aegean airlines aircraft catered by Newrest catering at Athens Airport
Review: Aegean Airlines Business & Economy
Royal Air Maroc business class meal with prawns and salad
Review: Royal Air Maroc Economy & Business Class
Vienna to Amsterdam with KLM business class meal
Review: KLM Business Class Europe
Condor pre order meal economy class absolute one
Review: Condor New Meal Concept
SAS Scandinavian airlines Cube inflight meal
Review: The Cube on SAS
Jet2 pre order inflight meals
Review: Jet2 Meals
Finnair business class inflight meal
Review: Finnair Europe Business Class
Air Asia lasagna pre order meal
Review: Air Asia Meals
Air Tahiti Nui Meals Economy Class
Review: Air Tahiti Nui Economy Class
virgin australia economy class snacks
Review: Virgin Australia Economy Class Domestic
Qantas cabin inflight A330 Melbourne to Sydney
Review: Qantas and Jetstar Economy Class
singapore airlines book the cook lobster thermidor
Review: Singapore Airlines Business Class
Business class meal on Tarom Airlines
Review: TAROM Airlines Business Class
Air France Inflight Meal Business Class
Review: Air France Business Class Europe
Air Europa Inflight Meal Business Class
Review: Air Europa Business Class Europe
Aeromexico Boeing 737 at gate at Mexico City Airport
Review: Aeromexico Economy Class
Air Baltic wing and engine view
Review: Air Baltic Business and Economy Class
vanilla air inflight meal bento box
Review: Vanilla Air Economy Class
croatia airlines business class meal
Review: Croatia Airlines Business Class
air serbia economy class main meal breakfast
Review: Air Serbia Economy Class Long Haul
alitalia business class meal
Review: Alitalia Business Class Europe
wow air meal
Review: Wow Air Iceland
Norwegian Airlines meals onboard
Review: Norwegian Air European Flights
condor airlines business class meal
Review: Condor Airlines Business & Economy Class
TAP Portugal business class breakfast
Review: TAP Airlines Business Class Europe
austrian airlines do&co inflight breakfast pre order meal
Review: Austrian Airlines DO&CO Breakfast
Delta First Class Inflight Meal
Review: Delta Airlines First Class Meals
Air Europa business class meal salad
Review: Air Europa Business Class Europe
Vistara Airlines premium economy class meal
Review: Vistara Premium Economy
azores airlines business class meal
Review: Azores Airlines Business Class
KLM business class meal on european flights
Review: KLM Business & Economy Class
Batik Air business class inflight meal
Review: Batik Air Business Class
Go Air India business class meal
Review: Go Air Business Class
sas business class starter
Review: SAS Business & Premium Economy
Spicejet economy class meals
Review: SpiceJet India Domestic Economy Class
air india economy class breakfast
Review: Air India Economy Class
Air France Jean Imbert economy class pre order meal
Review: Air France Economy & Business Class
Jet Airways economy class meal
Review: Jet Airways Economy Class
Norwegian airlines premium economy class meal
Review: Norwegian Long Haul Meals
Malaysia airlines inflight satay business class
Review: Malaysia Airlines to New Delhi
indigo airlines meal
Review: Indigo Airlines
Xiamen airlines business class salad
Review: Xiamen Air Business Class Long Haul
Review: Thai Airways Business & Economy Class
swiss airlines business class meal
Review: Swiss Business & Economy Class Europe
Thomson/TUI inflight meal
Review: Thomson/TUI Airways Short Haul
jetstar cabin
Review: Jetstar Economy Class Long Haul
asiana inflight breakfast business class
Review: Asiana Airlines Business Class
korean air breakfast business class
Review: Korean Airlines Business Class
united airlines business class steak
Review: United Business/First Long Haul
transaero business class meal pasta
Review: Transaero Business Class Medium Haul
Flyniki economy class pre order meal
Review: Fly Niki Austria Economy Class
Icelandair business class meal, raw food cake, chips and toasted focaccia.
Review: Icelandair Business Class
Aegean airlines business class inflight salad
Review: Aegean Airlines Business Class
Sas Scandinavian airlines inflight pizza
Review: SAS Economy Class Europe
Air Lithuanica economy class inflight meal
Review: Air Lithuanica Economy Class
jetblue inflight snacks
Review: Jetblue Economy
Thai Airays economy class meal, salmon salad with fried noodles and cake
Review: Thai Airways Economy Class
Hong Kong Express Airlines pre order meals.
Review: Hong Kong Express Pre Order Meals
Air Baltic business class meal tray
Review: Air Baltic Business Class
Air dolomiti business class meal, italian breakfast
Review: Air Dolomiti Business Class
Pegasus airlines inflight sushi meal
Review: Pegasus Airlines
British Airways business class meal sandwiches
Review: British Airways Business Class
SAS inflight meals economy class pork fillet salad
Review: SAS Europe Economy Class
easyjet hot food offering
Review: easyJet inflight meals
Swiss Airlines business class meal tray
Behind the Scenes: Swiss Inflight Catering
Icelandair business class meal preparation
Review: Icelandair Economy & Business Class
Japan Airlines collaboration with KFC inflight meal
Review: Japan Airlines KFC Meal
Air Asia inflight meals
Review: AirAsia Short Haul
Bangkok Airways economy class meal
Review: Bangkok Airways Economy Class
Peach Airlines inflight meals
Review: Peach Japan Meals
Scoot Airlines economy class meals
Review: Scoot Biz Meals
Finnair business class meal tray offering
Review: Finnair Business Class Europe
Air Berlin business class entree
Review: Air Berlin Long Haul Business Class
Norwegian Airlines meals
Review: Norwegian Long Haul Economy Class