Back in December I went to Australia for six months, and I managed to fly with SAS to connect to my long haul flights to Australia. On the way to Australia I flew from Paris to Stockholm, and on my return, I flew from Zurich to Stockholm, both times I was seated in SAS Plus which is sort of like Euro Business but not! Anyway, meals are included, and I was quite excited to finally check out the Cube which launched in May 2017.

I’ve flown SAS many times; you can check out my long-haul business class review right here. I’ve always been a fan of their inflight catering in business and economy class. On European flights, you can pre-order a meal from a fantastic range of meal concepts including Vegan, Gluten Free, Pork Free, Kids Meals, Salads, Breakfasts you name it…


Paris to Stockholm (December 2017)

Usually, you would receive the cube with the cover, but I removed it for the photo. The cube is clean looking, entirely different from any other meal/tray concept in economy or business class, and very Scandinavian. For me, the best part is being able to play with the various components of the meal. You have to open the box, then remove the condiments, open those and then add as much as you like to your meal.

The meal was a Veal roast with lentil salad, wheat chanterelle cream and cumin cured red cabbage. The lingonberry and lemon verbena muffin bar was delicious. The cube meal itself was very fresh and had unique flavours, something that you don’t always get to experience inflight.

Zurich to Stockholm (June 2018)

On my return to Europe my final flight was to Stockholm, and again I booked SAS.

On this mid-morning departure, I was served lunch, which consisted of Salmon, shrimps, kale, white beans, rhubarb, cabbage and rainbow trout roe. Condiments included: Algae roasted buckwheat and a raspberry emulsion (Already added to the meal in photo).

What I love about SAS is that their seafood is sustainably farmed, and again they create some exciting flavours with various ingredients found all over Scandinavia. There’s only a handful of airlines who go to this much trouble in Europe, so hats off to SAS for creating some creative dishes.





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