It was my first time on Aeroflot, and I booked myself a ticket from Beijing to Athens in November 2018 in economy class. Well before I booked the flight, I reached out on Twitter to see what people thought about Aeroflot, and the comments were surprisingly good. The fare was dirt cheap, and so my expectations were quite low. Would I be pleasantly surprised by this Russian Airline?

If you would like to view the video experience, there’s a Youtube video at the end of this artictle to see.


Before check in at Beijing Airport, I decided to upgrade the flight to Moscow to the airline’s premium economy class ‘Comfort Class’. The cost was minimal about USD$120, and in return, I would receive business class meals, more space and even more comfort. I was sold.

Service on the ground included pre-departure drinks of water or orange juice served in proper glassware, in addition to this the inflight menu was also handed out to passengers.

Aeroflot provides premium economy class passengers with meals from the business class cabin and offers a choice of three hot meal options.

On this flight the choices for the first main meal service were:

Chicken with rice and vegetables

Sea Bass with vegetables and green pea puree

Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach

aeroflot inflight menu


Twenty-five minutes are take off the cabin crew moved through the cabin to offer drinks and snacks before lunch. I ordered a juice which was served in a paper cup (in fact most drinks were served in paper cups) and also received a bag of nuts.


The crew started serving the meals right after the drinks service; service was very prompt and friendly. One cabin crew member worked on each side of the aircraft alone and moved from the forward to the rear of the cabin. I ordered the Chicken with Rice as my first choice of Cannelloni was not available, the chicken dish was served in a porcelain dish on a large tray. In addition to the hot meal, there was a starter of Turkey and Shrimps with vegetables, bell pepper and lettuce salad, chocolate cake, and a bread roll. There was proper metal cutlery too.

I chose the local option, which wasn’t to my liking. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with the dish, but the flavours didn’t impress me at all. The rice was soft and delicate, the vegetables were crisp and tasty, but I found the chicken to be quite flavourless albeit still edible. I enjoyed the prawn starter; everything was fresh and crispy as was the salad. The chocolate cake was disappointing, reminded me of those cheap packet mix cakes you can buy, and it was rather tasteless. Overall I thought the quantity of the meal, the choices, service and general offering of this premium economy class meal was adequate.



I was surprised to see such a large meal offering again on a flight of just over seven hours! Most other airlines would cut back the service on the second meal service, but not Aeroflot. The crew once again served those big blue meal trays with more food to feast on.

This time the main meal choices were:

Roasted Chicken in tomato-mushroom sauce with polenta and vegetables. 

Prawns with cashew, rice with egg and vegetables

Noodles with vegetables, pumpkin and pak choi


I loved my hot meal this time, the prawns were cooked in a sweet/sour sauce combination, and the flavours were well balanced. They didn’t skimp on the number of prawns either, and again the rice and vegetables were cooked well and were more than substantial.

The rest of the meal consisted of a Duck and mushroom Galantine, smoked salmon and salad. Listed on the menu was the Vienna cake, but that’s not what was served, I have no idea what the dessert was as I never sampled it.

I’m not a big fan of duck at all, so I avoided eating it, but I happily enjoyed my delicious main meal.


The crew struck up a conversation with me and were quite curious about all the photos I was taking. So during this conversation, I asked them if I could take a look at the economy class meal offered. They obliged and within a few minutes delivered an economy class meal tray. I have no idea what it is, I never asked, and it also has two entree dishes on it, instead of a dessert. But here is the picture anyway.

aerflot.meal .economy.class


After a quick transit in Moscow Airport, I boarded my flight to Athens and would be flying economy class for this sector. Once again the crew was amiable and efficient. Right after take off they delivered drinks as well as dinner requests, there was a choice of two hot meals, and I opted for the Pasta Bolognese.

aerflot.economy.mow .ath

Of all the meals that I ate on Aeroflot this economy class dish was probably my favourite of all. Why? Perhaps because of the simplicity of the meal, but also because it tasted so great. The meal reminded me of similar dishes I’ve received when flying with Aegean Airlines, but the best part was the Praynik. The Praynik (top right-hand item) is a ginger-spiced cookie with hints of nutmeg and spices and goes back hundreds of years in Russia.

Overall I would say that I was pleasantly surprised by the inflight service on both flights, I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with Aeroflot again. I did enjoy the catering a lot more from Moscow than I did from Beijing, I’ve always found that catering on airlines ex China can be hit or miss sometimes.


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