Since September I’ve had two trips to the USA that involved a couple of domestic flight legs with US-based airlines. On both occasions, I chose to fly with Delta Airlines the first flight was back in September, and I flew from Seattle to Los Angeles, the second flight was from New York to Los Angeles in January 2017. I decided to book first class from Seattle to LAX and chose premium economy from New York to Los Angeles as this would give me an understanding of the main offerings onboard. US-based airlines are not known for their great dining experiences, and passengers don’t typically receive free meals, although Delta has been trialling some free meal services on transcontinental routes across the US. Most other US-based airlines will offer some small snacks in economy class and perhaps refreshments, but you still need to purchase additional items from their onboard menus.


I was looking forward to this experience as I’d never flown with Delta before and didn’t know what to expect when flying domestic first class in the US. The staff were friendly, and the cabin was comfortable, but what I loved most was the fact that the meal offering ex Seattle was all sourced from the Pike Place Market in Seattle!

delta airlines first class meal

Clam chowder, Cajun spiced salmon with fettuccine, a bread roll and a lovely macaroon.

The meal was excellent, delicious and well thought out, I loved the meal tray, and while it’s still plastic, it looks a lot nicer than your average inflight meal tray — overall a tasty and satisfying inflight meal experience. Premium economy though was slightly different.


In January 2017 I flew from New York to LA to connect with a China Southern Airlines flights to Guangzhou, again I chose Delta and wanted to check out the comfort + (premium economy) offering. There’s slightly more leg room, a free ‘meal’ and an amenity kit thrown in as part of the offer.

Delta has teamed up with Luvo to offer comfort + passengers a meal; now I’m not saying that this meal is terrible in any way. It was quite good, but basic indeed. I hate comparing different parts of the world, but most other airlines offering meals in premium economy would have perhaps tried a little better than this.


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