It has been a while since my last KLM review back in 2016. During 2017 I flew KLM a few times across Europe and was lucky enough to be booked in business class too. I love KLM; they collaborate with some well-established brands and restaurants to create some fantastic products in their business class cabin. More importantly, the crew are always lovely, friendly and very down to earth.

The following review covers a few sectors within Europe including:

Amsterdam to Paris

Malaga to Amsterdam

Vienna to Amsterdam


A very early start on this service from Amsterdam to Paris, while a rather short flight with a very busy business class cabin, the crew managed to serve everyone with ease.

A light breakfast on KLM in business class consisting of Yoghurt, Fresh Fruit, Jam, Cumin cheese, Beemster cheese and Sliced pastrami. For such a short flight time, it was perfect.


Flying between Malaga and Amsterdam, I received this fantastic meal on this 3+ hour flight. Everything was served on the tray, making it easy for the crew to distribute to everyone. This meal was created by Ciel Blue a 2 Michelin star restaurant in Amsterdam, did you notice the clogs? (Salt and Pepper!)

Starter: Pearl pasta with dried Angus beef. Main: Tandoori salmon with coconut rice and cilantro beans. Some Dutch cheese on the side and a very delicious raspberry chocolate dessert.

A fantastic meal, probably one of the better business class meals I’ve eaten on long journeys in Europe.


Well, I’m just making up that title, but this flight wasn’t 3 hours, it was under 2 hours, so I wasn’t expecting a full hot meal service. But it was probably the most enjoyable of all my flights with KLM. I was flying from Vienna to Amsterdam and had a thru connection the following day to my final destination. I was the only passenger in business class, so the purser was very attentive. She started to ask about my connection and my travel plans and then noticed I was taking a lot of photos. She was curious why someone would want to photograph the airline food offering (I still wonder today why I am obsessed with airlines and their meal concepts!) I explained what I do, and she was genuinely interested. She then offered to bring me another meal tray (from a previous flight) for additional photos; she then came out with extra snacks and wine. How lovely was she?

Entree: Oriental style beetroot salad with smoked trout and muhammara. Followed by a Gem salad with sesame chicken skewer, boiled egg, tomato and pine nuts. For dessert a Yuzu citrus mousse. It was a very fresh tasting, perfect meal.

The other option on the previous flight was…

Pretty much the same main (although I think the chicken was flavoured differently) the salad was more tomato based, and the dessert was a chocolate cake.


Sure why not, and what a lovely little wine and glass holder!

Extra snacks?

Again, why not. I do love Stroopwafels, but these Stroopkoekje are slightly different. First created in 1945 by Bertus Punselie from Gouda, these cookies are somewhat thicker than a Stroopwafel and have a lovely filling.

Some great meal experiences with KLM, I enjoy flying with them, the next product I want to review from KLM is the pre-order upgrade meals for economy class passengers.

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