Pegasus Airlines has to be one of the most delicious low-cost airlines to fly with. Not only do they offer up to 26 different airline meals that you can pre-order, but they also work with one of the best inflight caterers in the industry Do&Co.

I recently took a flight from Zurich to Istanbul and caught up with the team from Pegasus and Do&Co catering for a behind the scenes look at their operation.

First up let’s take a quick look at the pre-order meal prices and part of the range that you can book on Pegasus.

pegasus airlines pre or

During the booking process, you will be shown a range of meals that can be pre-ordered. You can save about 30% on onboard prices by pre-ordering. These meals represent excellent value for money when compared to similar offerings on other airlines. I highly recommend that you pre-order something.


My flight from Zurich to Istanbul was only 2hrs 35mins, I forgot to pre-order a meal, but it wasn’t an issue as you can also buy hot meals during your flight.

inflight menu pegasus

Pegasus has a great buy onboard menu, here are a few shots from it.



Pegasus tells me that the most popular hot dishes are the Grilled Meatballs and the Chicken Schnitzel. These meals offer some serious value, especially when you consider the quality of the product.

Their buy onboard menu also offers:

Five different sandwiches- Turkey, Beef, Feta Cheese, Chicken and Mini.

Thirteen various soft drinks- Coke range, Juices, Water.

Seven alcohol options- Red/White wine, Efes Beer, Absolut Vodka, Chivas and Jack Daniels.

Coffee/Tea from Nescafe.

Eight different snack options- Pringles, croissants, nuts etc. 

Five various chocolates- Kit Kat, M&M’s, Toblerone, Milka, Snickers.

Seven more snack options- Noodles, Muesli, Fresh Fruit, Salad and Soup. 


We took off at 1055, and about 10 minutes later the service commenced. It took the crew about 30 minutes to serve the entire aircraft; this included delivering pre-orders and offering items to purchase from the buy on board carts.

chicken.schnitzel on pegasus airlines

I purchased the Chicken Schnitzel dish (Hello @akinsoul & @starflyergold) it’s quite similar to the Austrian Airlines pre-order schnitzel, just a slightly smaller version.  The salad was fresh, the chocolate mousse was amazing, and the schnitzel was delicious. The hint of lemon also adds some zest to the meal.


I also like the fact that the mousse and salad were hygienically packed.


I stayed in Istanbul for the night, and the following day I met up with the team from Pegasus and their inflight catering team from Do&Co. Around 3000 people a day pre-order a meal on the Pegasus website, these are then made at the Do&Co facility which is 10 minutes away from Istanbul Sabiha Gocken Airport. The unit makes around 35,000 meals daily and is only two years old, before it opened meals were prepared over 60km away at Ataturk airport and freighted down by truck.


This has to be the best airline dessert ever! Chocolate mousse, made from scratch. Do&Co is one of the best inflight caterers in the world, they create fantastic delicious menus, and everything they produce is generally made from scratch. Not very common in the airline catering industry.


Pegasus is only one of a few airlines to offer a freshly made Sushi meal. You can only order it on flights ex Istanbul; this is because the airline wants to provide the freshest possible sushi. You can guess what was for lunch after the tour, and it was delicious and so fresh.

sushi pegasus airlines

sushi pegasus airlines

Here’s the finished product.

chicken schnitzel pegasus airlines

Chicken schnitzel being prepared. This was quite interesting to watch, empty trays move along the conveyer belt and then get filled with potatoes, moving further down the conveyer belt the chicken is then added.


Finally, the meals are wrapped and then placed onto these large trays, ready to be distributed to inflight trolleys.

A big thanks to the team from Pegasus and the Do&Co Gourmet Entertainment company for arranging this kitchen tour for me.


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