Ahhh Swiss, how lovely are your inflight meals? Yes even in economy class across Europe the airline still manages to provide something decent to eat as you will see below. However most of the following inflight meals are from business class experiences that I’ve had with Swiss over the last few months, some of the flights include trips from Corfu to Geneva, Brussels to Zurich, Athens to Zurich and Zurich to Dublin. Enjoy!


What can you expect on a short-haul business class flight with Swiss of about 55 mins between Brussels and Zurich? This!

swiss airlines business class meal
Orange, fig and jam served with a truffle and mint pate, a typically Swiss cheeseboard and if that wasn’t enough some Tiramisu! While the service inflight was swift (could you blame the crew?) this meal impressed, it was mouthwatering and so very Swiss.


An early morning flight at 6 am most certainly guarantees that one will not eat breakfast before heading to the airport unless of course, you get to the airport early enough to visit the lounge. On this very early departure from Athens to Zurich breakfast included: Scrambled eggs with grilled tomato, broccoli and sausages, fresh fruit and yoghurt and there’s that lovely Swiss cheeseboard again. 🙂


Want some more breakfast? How about this option from Zurich to Dublin.

Omelette and sausage served with spinach, and tomato relish served with bircher muesli (yum!), fresh bread and jam, and yet again that lovely little Swiss cheeseboard popped up again.


The above meal box was delivered to my seat on an Athens to Zurich flight in economy class. Inside the box contained: Potato salad with salmon, Emmental cheese and a coffee mousse dessert! The flight time was around 2.5 hours, and even in economy class, this offering was fresh and tasty.



On a flight from Zurich to Athens, my dinner just wasn’t meant to be, when I tried the ‘hot’meal it was as though it hadn’t been heated up at all. I asked for it to be heated up some more. Instead, the crew offered a new hot meal which would be ready promptly. It wasn’t any better than the first meal and not wanting to cause a stir I gave up trying to get a hot meal…

The meal itself was a roasted chicken piece with polenta and vegetables, fresh garden salad, passion fruit dessert and that lovely Swiss cheeseboard again. I mentioned my onboard experience to Swiss (first world problems I know), and they were quick to compensate me due to the issues experience onboard, they didn’t have to, but it was indeed a lovely gesture on their part.


A quick hop from Corfu to Geneva with a flight time of 1hr 55mins and this lovely meal tray was served to me inflight. Chicken in mushroom sauce with vegetables and rice, a fresh garden salad, yoghurt orange dessert and yet again that lovely Swiss cheeseboard!




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