Japan airline meals are included in your ticket price. The airline has collaborated with a number of great brands over the years, including the famed KFC inflight meal that was served on flights until 2014. The meals that you will recevie on Japan Airlines are of superior quality and taste, the airline prides themsleves on offering great meals even in economy class.


Japan Airlines has collaborated with a number of chefs, to create a range of meals for economy class passengers depending on where you are flying to and from. The airline is currently working with Sanpi Ryoron restaurant, Air Yoshinoya, Shinobu Namae  head chef of L’Effervescence and many more. Look out for the Sky Bento box theme on flights to Koreaand on long haul services to Europe and the USA (ex Hawaii) the Sky Oasis snack bar offering is available in the galley for you.


Japan Airlines offers the following special meals available for ordering up to 25 hours prior to departure via their website, or 24 hours if you call their contact centre.

Note that Kosher and Allergen meals must be ordered over the phone at least 72 hours prior to departure.

Baby Food/Baby Meal
Child Meal
Vegetarian Meal
Low-fat Meal
Low-salt Meal
Low-calorie Meal
Gluten Intolerant Meal
Bland Meal (Ulcer or soft-foods)
Diabetic Meal
Fruit Platter Meal
Vegetarian Raw Meal
Seafood Meal
Low Lactose Meal
Hindu Meal
Vegetarian Hindu Meal
Vegetarian Oriental Meal
Moslem Meal
Vegetarian Jain Meal
Minimal Allergen Meal
Kosher Meal

For additional information or further info on the meals go here.


The airline is currently working with chefs from around the globe including, Jun Kurogi who has designed the airlines current Japanese menu. Daisuke Hayashi also creates a number of dishes for the airline as well as Chikara Yamada.

The famed Maison Kayser bakery in Paris is also featured onboard Japan Airlines business class flights and JAL Original Chocolates produced by Jean-Paul Héin also feature. For further information on JAL dining check here.


Passengers on select Japan Airlines flights can pre order their main meal by choosing between the Japanese or Western option. It’s highly recommened to try the Japanese option, and to do so you can manage your booking right here, and order the meal if available on your flight.

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