I was in East Midlands for work, and decided to head to Malta for a weekend from there. With Jet2 being based at that airport I thought it was about time to check out their pre order dishes. I managed to add one meal to my booking and then reached out to their social media team in order to help me order a few more, so I could get some decent photos and sample them too. I did not eat all the meals shown below, I only sampled a few. It would have been way too much food for one person.

Jet2 meals are not included in the price of your ticket, so if you want a hot meal onboard you have to pre order it. They are very well priced when compared to similar offerings on other airlines in Europe. Meals start from only £7.50 include a free drink and there are 11 options to choose from. On this flight I managed to take a look at five pre order meal options.


First off the crew were really nice, very down to earth and happy to be at work. Was great to see. Right after take off they delivered a box and a meal to me.

Inside the box you have everything that you need for your meal including…

Milk, butter, fresh fruit, muffin, bread roll and a cutlery pack.

Jet2 meal tray set up. Picture here is the breakfast offering, which was really nice.

And now comes the greedy bit.

The other meals that I sampled just a little of. Include options (from top, left to right) Sausage and Mash, Chicken Tikka Masala, Penne Bolognese and the rich beef casarole. I managed to give away two meals to my seat neighbours, who were wondering why I had so many meals in front of me. They enjoyed their choices, as I did too. I think the meals are very good, quite similar to what you will receive on other UK based charter/low cost airlines. The best part is the pricing, very well priced indeeed.

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