Joon is a new airline created by the team at Air France, it’s a funky new airline with some ingenious inflight meal options and services for passengers. Services for Joon will depend on whether you are flying within Europe or on Intercontinental flights, they will still offer you an organic coffee, tea, orange juice or water for free on European flights and you are welcome to browse the inflight menu if you want to purchase anything. On intercontinental flights passengers can upgrade their meal to one of the Air France a la carte offerings, you can check out a review of those meals right here.


Expect a free offering of an organic coffee, tea, orange juice or water on European flights, and you are welcome to browse the inflight menu if you want to purchase anything else.


Economy class passengers can expect free meals. Hot towels are part of the service as is typical French cuisine. A range of drinks and wines, selected by Paolo Basso (named the world’s top sommelier in 2013) will go with your meal.

Premium economy passengers can expect champagne, and entrees and desserts served from the business class cabin.

If that’s not enough a wide range of sweet/savoury snacks are available including Tapas, Cheeseburgers, Sandwiches, Organic Fruit Compote, and Ice Cream are also available. Cocktails such as smoothies and organic wines are also available.


For further information about the pre-order meals on Joon, please check here.


On European flights expect a full meal service at Lunch and dinner times, while a light breakfast offering is available in the mornings.

On Intercontinental flights expect a great meal experience, including appetisers and a choice of 4 hot meal options of which two are created by Michelin star chefs. Of course, no meal is complete without a selection of cheeses, desserts, hot drinks, digestive liqueurs and French wines.

Business class passengers on Joon can select their meal before departure also.


Here’s a look at their medium haul inflight menu, click on the below pic to view the entire pdf.

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