Kuwait Airways meals are included in your airline ticket. The airline offers a range of special meals to choose from, all meals are Halal certified onboard, and note that the airline is a dry airline meaning they do not serve alcohol on their flights.


While the airline doesn’t stipulate the exact number of hours required for ordering a special meal, it’s highly recommended that you complete the request at least 48 hours before departure. The following meals can be booked including:

Infant Meal, Baby Meal, Child Meal, Hindu, Jain Meal, Low-Calorie Meal, Low Fat Meal, Low Gluten Meal, Non-Lactose Meal, Low Salt Meal, Sea Food Meal, Vegetarian Hindu Meal, Vegetarian Oriental Meal, Vegetarian with Lacto Ovo and
Vegetarian Meal Non-Dairy.

Contact the airline here if you need to request a special meal.