Are provided on flights over 3.5 hours in duration (including Santiago/Easter Island/Santiago) except Rosario to Lima. You must order the meals at least 24 hours before departure via the call centre.

The following meals can be ordered:

Children’s menu

Soft diet

Diabetic Meal


Kosher Meal

Low Calorie

Low cholesterol

Low Salt

Low Lactose


Vegetarian (Including dairy/eggs)

In November 2017 Latam introduced a new dining concept for economy class passengers on long-haul international flights over 7 hours. Main meals offer larger potions with an innovative dining concept. Latam meals on long haul flights are complimentary, on domestic flights, meals are not included, but you can purchase items from the inflight menu.

International Economy Class

The airline has replaced the traditional airline meal tray and instead offers passengers in economy class a trayless meal service. The dishes are 50% bigger than previous meal offerings and showcase Latin American, international and vegetarian cuisine. The service is available on flights to and from Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Peru. Expect to see this service on flights between 4.5 and 7 hours, there are three meal choices for lunch or dinner, and lighter cold options.

International Flights (3.5 hours duration)

You will receive a Juan Valdez or Suplicy premium coffee served with a muffin and or sandwich.

Domestic Flights

On all domestic flights within Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, you can make purchases from the Latam Market, which has many fresh food options, as well as snacks and drinks. You can pay for your purchases with cash (local currency only) or Visa/Mastercard.

Click here to view the inflight menus to get an idea of what might be available for purchase on your next flight.

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