Level Airlines


Level airlines is a low-cost airline that has started services from Barcelona and Paris to destinations in North and South America. Due to the pandemic, the airline has amended the inflight service slightly. It’s only possible to pay by card for any purchases inflight.

You are advised to pre-order your meal via the My Bookings function on the airlines’ website.

Passengers who buy the cheapest fare (called Basic) do not have meals included and will need to pre-order or purchase these at the time of booking.  Passengers who book the LEVEL fare can add food & drink to your reservation for €35 up to 24 hours before the flight.

Inflight Menus

For flights to/from Barcelona view the inflight menu here.

For flights to/from Paris view the inflight menu here.


Passengers in premium economy and Basic + Optimal or Flex tickets will enjoy complimentary meals/snacks and some beverages. A substantial meal with an appetiser, dessert, drinks (including wine and beer) and coffee is included. Before landing a smaller snack with drinks is served.


Special meals on Level Airlines can be ordered at a cost starting from USD$38.00. You can select your special meals at the time of booking, or once booked, try managing your reservation at Iberia.com.

Special meals available include:

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian, Vegan, Muslim, Kosher, Child.

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