Meridiana meals are included on all long and medium haul flights for economy class customers whilst domestic Italian flights only offer beverages. Business class is not available to the Greek Islands, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Moldavia, Egypt and Israel.


Italian Domestic Flights 

A selection of hot and cold drinks will be served by the crew, due to the length of flight time no snacks or meals are served.

Medium and Long Haul Flights

Economy class passengers will receive a snack, breakfast or a cold meal item suitable to the time of departure and duration of the flight. Hot meals are served on flights over 5h 30 min.


For long haul flights the airline will do their best to provide you with a special meal, it’s best to contact customer support here. For Kosher meals on flights to New York customers can arrange the meal up to 48 hours prior to departure at a cost of €25.00 on direct flights to Tel Aviv they are free.


Medium and Long Haul Flights

On medium haul flights business class passengers will be offered snacks and cold meals served with wines and a choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

On long haul flights, traditional inflight meal service typical of international standards will include appetizers, a first course, a second course, cheese, dessert and fresh fruit. Main meals will be accompanied by three types of bread, beverages and wines.

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