There are temporary changes inflight, so it’s best to take drinks and snacks with you if possible. On flights under 1.5 hours, there will be no meal services available. On flights over 1.5 hours, water is available, and only pre-order meals will be served, no other onboard service. Tax-free shopping has been discontinued.

The Norwegian air food menu will vary depending on if you’re flying from the UK, Europe or on Long Haul services. Meals are not included for low fare ticket holders in economy class, however, if you purchased LowFare+, or Flex ticket meals are included. Passengers flying in premium economy will enjoy free meals and beer/wine.

On intra-European services, the airline offers country-specific menus depending on which Norwegian Air subsidiary you are flying with.


The Inflight Feed meal review for long haul services can be found right here and the latest short-haul meal review right here.


On intra-European flights, Norwegian offers its Sky Menu buy onboard service. There are plenty of combo options and fresh food options to choose from including sandwiches, sweet and salty snacks. There are several inflight menus available, depending on which subsidiary you fly with. Generally, expect to pay around €4-5 for Non Alcoholic drinks, €7-15 for Alcohol, Snacks from €4-8 and fresh food from €10-11.


On flights over 2.5 hours in length within Europe it’s possible to pre-order a meal during the booking process, or by managing your booking right here.


Long haul flights on Norwegian Air are flights to the U.S, Canada, Thailand, Argentina, Singapore and Caribbean (excluding flights between U.S/Canada and the Caribbean).

Norwegian offer two menus on Long Haul Services. The Nice & Tasty Menu for passengers in the main economy class cabin and the Premium Menu for passengers in premium economy class.

For passengers flying ex UK, the pricing for pre-order meals is £25, on non-UK services will cost €35.00. It’s best to pre-order at the time of booking, or you can always add your meals right here.

If you have a connecting flight to international long-haul service and you’ve purchased a LowFare+, Flex, Premium or PremiumFlex ticket, your meal is included in the price of your ticket.

Pre Order Meals Include:

First service

A cold pasta/salad starter.
For the main course, you’ll get either a meat or fish dish with vegetables and potatoes or rice.
Coffee/tea is served after the meal.

Second service

A snack bag which includes a sandwich, a sweet or savoury treat and a juice box

Pre-order meal options must be ordered at least 72 hours before departure. If not, passengers can purchase from the snack bar on board which offers a range of snack foods.

Check out the options right here.


Special meals that can be pre-ordered (at a cost) on Norwegian Air include Child Meal, Diabetic, Gluten-Free, Muslim, No Lactose, Vegan and Vegetarian. Pre-order special meals are priced the same as regular pre-order meals, or included for LowFare+, Flex and premium economy class ticket holders. You can order your special meal right here.

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