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Philippine airlines meals are included in the price of your ticket on international services. Complimentary snacks or meals are only served on flights exceeding 45 minutes except for flights utilising Q300 or Q400 turboprop aircraft.

Business-class customers can look forward to Western, Filipino and Japanese Kaiseki dishes on select routes, whilst customers with a particular meal requirement can also pre-order a special meal.


Special meals should be ordered no later than 48 hours before departure, and are available on most international flights.

Special meal options include:

Vegetarian Oriental Meal, Vegetarian Hindu Meal, Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meal, Vegetarian Vegan Meal, Low Salt Meal, Gluten Intolerant Meal, Low Lactose Meal, Low-Calorie Meal, Low Fat Meal, Hindu meal, Kosher meal, Moslem, Diabetic, Bland, Fruit Platter, Nut Free, Childs Meal, Baby Meal.

Contact the airline here for further information and to make bookings.

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