Saudi airlines meals are halal and created by the airlines own catering company in certain cities. They offer a wide range of special meals and passengers can order a special meal on any flight where a meal service is usually provided. For further details, you can also check with Saudia right here.

Saudia is a dry airline which means that passengers can not carry alcohol onto any Saudia flight, and alcohol is not served on any of their flights.


Seafood, Baby meal, Infant meal, Bland meal, Diabetic meal, Low-fat meal, Salt-free meal, Vegetarian meal, European Style Meal, Asian Vegetarian Meal, Fasting meal, Liquid Meal and an Autistic Passenger Meal.

Note that the airline also offers a visually impaired meal where all the meal components are precut into bite-sized chunks. The description of the meal and position of foods are highlighted on a Braille Menu using the clock concept.

For further information regarding special meals, please check here.


Passengers can enjoy hors d’oeuvres and a wide choice of main dishes; you will be served a four-course meal usually starting with caviar followed by soup and a main and desserts.

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