Scoot airlines food options may or may not be included in the ticket price, depending on the fare level you purchase. Not all hot meals are halal certified on Scoot, so it’s best to check when booking your meal. Passengers in economy class can pre-order a range of premium meals or combo meals up to 72 hours before departure. Payments onboard can be made with cash and credit card (Visa and Mastercard only), debit cards are not accepted.

For cash payments onboard all change will be returned in Singapore Dollars. Foreign currency coins are not accepted.

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On long haul services to these destinations, Scoot offers a special meal bundle to keep you fed the entire journey. The long haul meal bundle offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. These special bundle meals include a Premium Meal Combo (generally served as the first main meal) which consists of A deluxe meal two sides and a drink. Before landing, you will then receive a light meal combo which includes a light meal, a snack and a pre-cupped juice. Non-vegetarian options on board will consist of two choices for you.

The total cost of these meal bundles is EUR€35.00. 

On flights to Athens expect to see a mix of Greek-inspired dishes including options such as Beef stew, Lemon and Herb Chicken and Moussaka. On flights departing Athens lunch is served first followed by the second meal service.


Either during your flight booking process or via the manage my booking function.

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Passengers travelling on FlyBagEat airfares have meals included in their ticket price if you decide not to include your meal at the time of booking you may purchase items from the inflight menu. Pre-order meals on other Scoot flights begin from SDG$15.00 and go up to SDG$21.99 for the premium pre-order range. Meal options may include Nasi Lemak, Pasta or Lentils. There are also kids meals available from only SGD$10.00.


Premium pre-order meals are the ones that are served in Scoot Biz (their business class) but also available for economy class passengers to purchase for a fee of SGD$21.99. Options may include Singapore Signature Chicken Rice, Signature Mee Goreng with Beef Cubes, Golden Fried Chicken with Rice, Black Pepper Fish with Rice. The meals are made with quality ingredients and include a deluxe meal, two deluxe sides and a drink.

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If you don’t pre-order a meal, you can still make purchases onboard, see the Buy on Board inflight menu below.


Passengers travelling in the Scoot Biz cabin have meals included in their ticket price. However, the number of meals served will depend on where you are flying to and from. The meals served in Scoot Biz are part of the Premium menu range, which you can also view on the above links.


For the latest onboard menu go here.

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