I am currently in Australia and made it home for Christmas and New Year, so far it’s been great. I decided to book Singapore Airlines home and booked a return business class journey from Zurich to Melbourne; am due to head back around the beginning of the European summer.

I’ve flown Singapore airlines numerous times, but this is the first time that I have ever written a review about them. Back in 2015, I flew SQ Suites home to Australia but never wrote up the review.

My journey started in Zurich and would end in Melbourne with a brief stop in Singapore, SQ operates the A380 from Zurich and from Singapore I booked the A350. I would land in Melbourne just a few days before Xmas.


What a great looking menu!

For my travelling partner and me, I booked the very last row of seats (which I think was row 96) I took this option as this is the last row on the upper deck and consists of only 1 row of seats. The two middle seats were free; I sat in the A seat while my friend took the K seat, we both wanted window seats, so that was the easiest way to sort out that problem. The two central seats ended up being free, so we had the small cabin to ourselves, and ended up eating most of our meals there together.

Cabin crew taking meal and drink orders before take off. 

The snow was well underway in Zurich, and during takeoff, there were some beautiful scenes. I was a little sad to be leaving Europe behind for so long, but I knew I would be back soon enough. The flight left in the later part of the morning so a lunchtime service would be followed by breakfast.

The inflight service commenced quite quickly after takeoff, drink choices were delivered and then began the signature satay service.

singapore airlines satay service

I really loved the satay and wanted more, but with so much food coming my way I really wanted to pace myself. The signature service offers a choice of chicken or beef, I asked for bit of both. The satay comes with onion, cucumber and that very delicious spicy peanut sauce.

Entree: Smoked duck breast with apricot compote, mesclun salad and honey mustard vinaigrette. 

Then it was time for my table to be set up, the crew came through the cabin promptly and set up everyone’s trays with such perfection. If something looked as though it was out of place they quickly adjusted it. The entree was delicious and most importantly very fresh.

Main meal: Stir-Fried Hung Pao Chicken, with pak choy, carrot, mushroom and egg fried rice. 

Choices for the main meal included: Veal Loin with tarragon mustard sauce, pike fillet with white wine sauce, braised lamb or the chicken option that I settled on.  I like that the meals are plated up by the cabin crew, the presentation was excellent and again the meal did not disappoint at all.

singapore airlines business class kids mealsThe kid’s meal: Burger and crisps!

You’re probably wondering why I ordered the kids meal it’s for research of course. SQ is well known for having some great meals even for kids, and they have an entire selection for kids who travel in business, first and suites. I didn’t eat the whole thing but did sample it, and it was pretty good. It’s always nice having this kind of treat at 35,000ft, interestingly SQ does offer an Angus burger for their Book the Cook service.

Not long after I finished my meal, the crew collected most of the items from my tray table and then presented me with dessert.

Engadiner Nuttarte – A Swiss nut tart with vanilla sauce. 

The tart was very simple and not too sweet. It wasn’t really to my liking; I would have preferred if it was sweeter though. Once the meal service was over the entire cabin, shut their blinds shut as we were flying into darkness. I spent the next few hours watching movies and relaxing. A few hours before arrival the second service commenced, breakfast would be served.

Breakfast starter: Assorted pastries, fresh tomato juice and fresh fruit.

The appetiser choices for breakfast were: All-Bran, Bircher Muesli and Fruit Yoghurt. I opted for the Bircher. For the main course options included: Parsley Cheese Omelette, Belgian Waffle and Braised Chinese Style Beef Noodles. I had ordered yet another kids meal, plus my travelling partner had pre-ordered from the Book the Cook service. Here come lots of breakfast options… 🙂

Breakfast entree: Bircher Muesli. Simply delicious

singapore airline kids meal yummyYummy meal: So here is what younger passengers travelling in business class may receive for breakfast if they pre-order from a selection of options. 

Initially, I didn’t know how to eat this meal, but the crew member quickly explained that you have to tear away at the omelette a little to discover the fried rice, served on the side were some chicken nuggets. Quite a fun meal for kids who want to play with their food! 🙂

Belgian Waffle: With a berry compote, mascarpone and maple syrup.

Served warm this waffle hit the spot; it was delicious but not sickly sweet or overbearing. Not the healthiest breakfast, but hey when you’re sometimes travelling you make excuses.

Book the Cook option: Swiss Roesti with Smoked Salmon served with smoked Balik salmon and chives crème Fraiche.

My travelling partner ordered the Swiss Roesti for breakfast, and I managed to have a bit of a sample. It was delicious, and nice to see a local Swiss option on the menu for breakfast pre-order.

I’ll continue the next experience from Singapore to Melbourne on my next blog post. This was more than enough airline food for one post. In closing this flight was fantastic, great food paired with fantastic SQ service. I can not wait for my next flights with SQ.

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