I’ve flown with Singapore Airlines many times over the years, and have always enjoyed my experience whether it’s in economy or business class. Having spent some time in Perth with an inflight caterer, it was time to head back to Europe. I booked a business class flight from Perth to Singapore, but you’ll also get a look at the economy class meals on offer too.

My flight would depart Perth at 2 pm, so I expected a lunch service.

As soon as I boarded, I was offered a welcome drink of Juice or Champagne, and I chose the juice. The inflight menu was already in my seat area, so I had a look through it while sipping my juice.

Here’s a look at the inflight menu.

The aircraft seemed entirely brand new, and everything was sparkling. Before takeoff, a crew member came through the cabin to collect after takeoff drink orders.

About 10 mins after takeoff, I received my drink order and some warm nuts. I opted for a non-alcoholic drink; I’m not a big drinker inflight.

Forty minutes later, a tablecloth was placed on my tray table, and about five minutes later, it was set up for lunch with such precision by the crew. A few minutes passed, and I received my entree. Everything looked perfect, like dining in a fine restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed my Proscuitto with Melon, Green Olives and Lemon Dressing starter.

The mains included a choice of Lamb, Beef, Chicken or Fish. I opted for the Stir-fried Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion sauce, the crew member who took my order mentioned that this dish had been the most requested on this flight.

Fifteen minutes later, I received my main meal, it presented well, and I chose some garlic bread to go with my meal. (I love the garlic bread on SQ).

The meal was plated well, the vegetables were crisp, and my favourite part was the egg fried rice, it tasted authentic. I couldn’t taste the ginger though.

I finished my meal about 10 minutes later, my plates were collected, and then the crew moved through the cabin with their dessert trolley.

Purely for photographic purposes, I requested a sample of desserts and ended up everything on my tray table.

The cheese platter was probably my favourite, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Quince Jelly it paired so well with the cheese and crackers. The pear tart wasn’t overly sweet, it had a delicate crumb, and the Anglaise sauce was an excellent match to the dish offering some additional sweetness.

The service on this flight finished at 1.55mins after take off, and there was no additional inflight service as it was a short hop to Singapore.

I asked to see the economy class meal served purely for photographic purposes, and the crew happily obliged.

I loved this flight; the thing I love about SQ is that the crew seem genuine. On this flight, they looked as though they were enjoying themselves, happy to be at work, caring, kind and above all real. I find this sort of behaviour can be hard to find on many airlines, a lot of airlines will advertise that their crew have these traits, but it’s not something you always experience. Kudos to SQ, an enjoyable flight and I look forward to flying with them in the future.