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Swiss has implemented a new service concept on European and Intercontinental flights until 31 August 2020. The popular Swiss inflight chocolate is still offered to passengers. Long haul flights still provide a hot meal service (two meal choices) and a beverage service in economy class. Headphones, pillows and blankets are always available inflight.

Special Meals

It’s possible to order the following special meals:

Gluten intolerant meal, Lactose intolerant, Baby Meal, Child Meal, Vegetarian Hindu, Vegetarian Jain, Western vegetarian Lacto-ovo, Vegetarian Vegan, Low Salt, Low Fat, Kosher, Hindu, Halal and Japanese. 

There is also an option to order a sealed meal that’s vegetarian, which comes fully wrapped and available on long haul flights. 

For further information on Swiss special meals click here and to order/contact your local Swiss office click here.

Economy Class

There will be no meal service on flights of up to 169 mins in duration, on flights over 170 mins expect a cold bento box offering. On short European flights, there will be no inflight service, and beverages are offered on flights up to 44mins, enhanced beverage service is offered on flights over 45 mins duration offering drinks in cans/bottles as well as tea, coffee, beer and wine.

Business Class

SWISS Business will offer a full range of drinks and beverages as well as regular meal services that have been modified slightly. 

Flights to/from Geneva

Customers in economy class on flights to/from Gevena (Excluding destinations Zurich and New York) can purchase a limited range of snacks from the Swiss Savuers inflight menu. Swipe to view the inflight menu below.


Swiss international airline meals are always included in your ticket price on long haul flights, however, since early 2018 the airline offers a buy onboard menu program on flights from Geneva. All Swiss economy fares on flights shorter than 1 hour from/to Switzerland no longer include meals.

European flights

On flights to/from Zurich within Europe, you will receive a hot or cold bakery or meal item, soft drinks and fruit juices as well as wine, beer are included. Sandwiches served onboard European Swiss flights are made fresh three times daily in a Swiss bakery. All European flights from Switzerland will always include products that come from Switzerland.

Geneva Flights

If you purchased a Swiss Economy Flex or Swiss Economy Classic ticket, you would be served a sandwich and a bottle of water. If you bought a Swiss Economy Light fare, you would receive water only.

The buy onboard menu has many high-quality products at very reasonable prices; in fact, it’s probably one of the best onboard meal programs in Europe. It was created with the Geneva arm of Globus a Swiss department store company with high-quality food and drink offerings.

Long Haul

Expect two meal services on long haul routes in economy class; the first meal service will usually be the hot meal-offering, while the second meal service will be lighter. You’ll have the choice of two hot meals on long haul flights, one meat option and one Hiltl vegetarian option. Swiss will also serve popular Swiss cheeses like Gruyere, Appenzeller and Tête de Moine.

swiss airlines economy class meal


Hiltl is the oldest continuously open vegetarian restaurant in the world and first opened its doors in 1898 in Zurich. Since 2009 the restaurant chain has worked with Swiss to create vegetarian meals that are offered in all classes of travel on long haul flights ex Switzerland.  40% of SWISS Economy travellers now order the vegetarian meal option inflight.

Special meals on Swiss International Airlines include 18 options for passengers to choose from. They include religious, medical, food allergy and special diet options.

Passengers should order their meal preference at least 24 hours before departure and options include:

Gluten-Free, Lactose Intolerant, Baby Meal, Child Meal, Hindu Meal, Oriental Meal, Jain Meal, Lacto-Ovo Meal, Vegan Meal, Diabetic Meal, Plain Meal, Low Calorie, Low Salt, Low Fat, Kosher, Halal and Japanese Menu (On flights LX160/161 only).

For further information on Swiss special meals click here and to contact your local Swiss office click here


For a fee, you can also upgrade your inflight meal in economy class to a more ‘business’ class style meal. The Swiss-A la carte dining meals include six fantastic meal upgrade options, as well as some additional inflight wine options.

How to Order

After booking your flight, you can add the meal up to 24 hours before departure via the retrieve booking function.

The Swiss upgrade meals include:

Swiss Prime Beef Burger CHF29.00

Vegetarian Choice (Also vegan) created with Hiltl CHF39.00

Gourmet Meal CHF 49.00

Swiss Traditional Meal CHF39.00

Japanese Meal CHF49.00

Healthy Choice CHF29.00

Further information about these meals can be found here.


Passengers travelling in Swiss First class can dine on demand choosing from a wide range of options from the a la carte range.

You can read about the Swiss first-class meal experience here.

An exclusive onboard menu features heavily on flights from Hong Kong, Bangkok and Shanghai to Zurich. Passengers in first and business class will dine on a unique cuisine designed by the Peninsula Hotels Group the SWISS Business experience includes the possibility of ordering à la carte.

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