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I had to fly down to Lisbon for work for a quick meeting, and this review is going to be a quick one! Since writing this review, TAP has started a new service that allows business class passengers on long-haul flights from Lisbon to pre-order their meals. Nice touch. Meanwhile, on intra Europe flights they served me what was quite the continental breakfast, in business class…


First world problems I know, but in contrast to other airlines that operate similar flight lengths, you will soon see that the menu offering is too simple. But of course that really depends on where you come from and your point of view. Check out the comments on my instagram post, everyone has an opinion! Which is great.



I love TAP, they are one of the few airlines in Europe who haven’t transitioned to a buy on board program, so even economy class receive meals. But this next meal could use an upgrade.



A Portuguese breakfast consisting of Cold cuts, bread and cheese. Where’s the rest of the meal I hear you ask? That was it, for a 3-hour flight. Quite basic, and while it was tasty, it didn’t hit the spot. For this type of flight length, I would have expected a hot breakfast option too? Or am I just being greedy now?


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