This review forms part of my recent Air France experience flying from Paris to Athens the long way. I decided that I wanted to try out Tarom the Romanian based airline, and it ended up being quite a lovely experience!

I wasn’t expecting a lot of food on this flight which was only about 1hr and 25mins, and I wasn’t anticipating printed menus, pre-meal drinks etc.

First off some pre-departure drinks.

After take off I had to take a picture of the cabin, you don’t generally come across real business class seats on flights within Europe, most airlines offer ”Euro Business” style seats instead.

Straight away the crew gave me my drinks menu and a warm refresher towel. They later returned to take my drink order.

I didn’t feel like alcohol, so I just ordered sparking water which was topped up throughout the flight without even having to ask…

From top left: Hummus with cucumber, a cheese plate, milk pudding.

Main meal: Chinese beef with broccoli, bok choy and noodles.

Look at all that food for a flight time of 1hr and 25mins? Well done to Tarom. I was not expecting this level of inflight service at all on such a short flight. Granted it is a business class service, but many airlines would offer you a cold meal tray on such a short trip.

The crew were happy and smiley and friendly as, maybe because they only had one customer to serve in the cabin? 🙂

The food itself was good, served very hot, and was tasty. A little bit heavy for my liking if anything.

Great flight.

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