Transavia is a low-cost airline with bases in the Netherlands, and in France, it is owned by the KLM/Air France Group. Depending on where you are flying from Transavia offers two different menus. One menu is for flights from the Netherlands, and the other is for flights from France,  each offers various options including fresh sandwiches, combo deals and drinks.


Transavia meals are not included in the price of your ticket; however, you can make purchases on all flights. Inflight Feed has been featured in their Dutch inflight menu since 2012, recommending their tasty Sandays Bakery sandwiches that are featured on flights from the Netherlands.

Sandays offer different flavoured sandwiches that are rotated on the menu regularly.

Onboard payments can be made by Cash, Debit and Credit Cards.

Click here to view the current inflight menu and see further detailed information for Transavia Netherlands flights.


If flying on a French-operated Transavia flight, the inflight menu will vary slightly. Expect to see brands such as Valrhona Chocolate, Michel et Augustin plus many more.

Payments for Transavia France operated flights can be made by Apple Pay, Visa, Master, Amex, Ticket Restaurant vouchers and Cash in several currencies.

To view the Transavia France menu go here.


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