I firmly believe that Turkish Airlines have the best airline food in the world! And I’m shocked that I have never written up a review about their food, as I’ve flown them countless times over the last few years. Their food never disappoints, and I’ve visited their training centre in Istanbul (several times) that’s located in their catering partners (Do&Co) premises. Now a little about Do&Co before I begin about Turkish. These people call themselves a ‘Gourmet Entertainment Company’, not an airline caterer, further you may be familiar with their collaboration with Austrian Airlines, LOT, British Airways and many more. I’m a huge fan of this caterer, everything they do is quality, nothing is bought ready-made, everything is made from scratch (where possible). I’ve visited many Do&Co catering centres around the world, and I’ve always been impressed. I’m planning a trip out to Asia to see one of their newest kitchens soon.

Anyway back to Turkish (TK), I’ve flown them in Business, Premium Economy (not sure if they still offer this) and Economy class. My most recent experience with TK was some flights between Athens and Jeddah via Istanbul, but I’ve also flown them as far as Hong Kong too. They have real onboard chefs in business class (sure they don’t cook onboard) who work closely with the cabin crew to create some inflight flair. But it has to be said while TK might have the best food in the sky, sometimes their cabin crew let down the airline. Maybe it’s a communication issue, or perhaps they are not as service orientated as other airlines. Whatever it is, I always keep my expectations low about the inflight service and sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised while other times I am not surprised at all that the crew couldn’t even smile!


So here’s a look at some of the many business class meals I’ve seen either onboard or inflight with Turkish Airlines. Expect restaurant-style dining, candle-light meals, creative meal concepts and excellent quality food.

turkish airlines business class meal

Look at the details above. No airline meal tray, the meal is plated by the chef directly onto the plate. Condiments tray including a bread basket, butter, salt/pepper, spices and oil. And that candlelight!

Pasta anyone? What a fantastic restaurant-style meal service.

turkish airlines kid meal business class

How about a kids meal for breakfast?

Or another kids meal option, this time lunch!

Another kids meal dining option.


The meals in economy class are just as good as business class, albeit more compact. Even on short flights, you will receive something substantial to eat. Depending on your flight time you could end up with one of the following options for your next economy class meal experience with Turkish Airlines.

turkish airlines menus economy class

First up menus. Now they may not always have them on all flights, but generally, there are choices of meals and menus on longer trips.

The above photo from 2017, Istanbul to Riga in Economy class. A very delicious Eggplant stuffed with mincemeat, rice, a salad and dessert.

Or how about Beef Kofta with Bulgur, a side salad and coffee mousse which was served on a flight from Istanbul to Frankfurt.

Delicious breakfast served between Brussels and Istanbul. Bircher muesli, cheese/olives combo, scrambled eggs with pita!

Chicken with mash potato and grilled vegetables. Served with a side salad and chocolate mousse. On a flight from Frankfurt to Istanbul.

I love these little picnic baskets that they offer on short hops, Athens to Istanbul is a 1-hour flight, and you get something like this! Chicken Caesar salad, a small sandwich roll filled with cheese and vegetables, plus water and dessert.

And these toasted focaccias are very lovely indeed, expect these on short domestic hops within Turkey and even on flights around the 1-hour mark.

All in all the meal experience in economy class is fantastic, compare this to what you get in other parts of Europe on similar timed flights, and you soon realise that Turkish are very generous with their meal offerings. The fact that everything is fresh, tasty and of high quality is another bonus.


Here are a few teaser shots from a staff training session that I attended in Istanbul at the Do&Co training centre. I watched as the newly hired chefs were inducted into their new roles and trained up for the inflight service. I was also fortunate enough to take a tour of the kitchen and watch how they make all this amazing food for all the flights.

I highly recommend the meals on Turkish Airlines; it’s always a pleasure and surprise to see what they may offer you. I hope you get to experience it soon!

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