Another airline review in Australia, this time it’s all about Virgin Australia. But this will be a quick one! When Virgin first started operations in Australia back in 2000 they offered a buy on board program, however since their re-branding and to remain competitive they have introduced a range of meals and snacks. This goes entirely against what airlines are doing in Europe, as more and more are removing ‘free’ meals and offering the option to purchase instead.

But first: Bye-bye Whitsundays, you were awesome as always! 

My flight would take me from Hamilton Island Airport to Melbourne aboard a Virgin Australia Boeing 737. Here’s what the interior of their aircraft looks like….

I must say, yet again I’m impressed by how genuine, and nice airline staff are in Australia, I forget how friendly people are here. Anyway, Virgin will offer you a snack, in my opinion, it’s not that great for a 3+hr flight, but that’s how it is here. There are indeed plenty of other airlines across the world offering similar style snacks for this flight time, but in my opinion, I thought it could be more substantial.

virgin australia mealVirgin Australia Snack: Savory muffin and pretzel snacks. 

I ended up purchasing the Tim Tam, it’s been years since I had one, and my travelling companion loved it too. There’s also free non-alcoholic drinks on Virgin, so that’s a bit of a bonus too.

From the inflight menu, you can purchase other items including things like cup noodles, chicken wraps or an egg sandwich. I wasn’t able to order these products as they weren’t available.

At least they offer something right?