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Itake a trip with Iceland’s newest airline Wow Air from Reykjavik to Copenhagen to check out what’s on the menu. I am quite familiar with Icelandic inflight meals having only recently flown with Icelandair in economy and business class.

Note that WOW Air is no longer in operation.

Wow Air is different though there’s no Business Class it’s all Economy Class, and there’s no free food dished out, you must pay if you want to eat inflight. For the inflight menu head to their website and you’ll find all the latest food offerings from page 55 in their inflight catalogue.


If there is always a local option it’s still worth a try; most airline food menus can be typically boring with stock standard snacks and drinks.

So look out for the Piparperlur (Pepper Pearls) Liquorice Covered with Chocolate and Pepper which will set you back 290ISK. Or try the Appolo Liquorice you’ll find that Icelandic folk love their liquorice and that will set you back 350ISK.


You can choose from Ham and Cheese Croissants or Baguettes, Pizza (Margherita or Pepperoni) and the Flatkaka (Flat Cake) which is traditional Icelandic Flat-Bread filled with Smoked Lamb. Of course, there is also the Skyler Icelandic Yoghurt, and for the health conscious the Icelandic Protein Shake is a great option too!



I ordered the Flatkaka, the Skyler Icelandic yoghurt and the Millimal Nuts.  The hot meal didn’t take long to be delivered, but I was given the Pizza instead of the Flat-Bread, not wanting to cause a fuss I decided to eat it.


WOW Air is a fun airline the inflight service is great, and their crew look like a lot of fun. The airline also has a cheeky side, for example, every person that uses a sick bag inflight will receive a packet of mints for free.


The pizza was a little dry and probably needed another 5-10 mins in the oven, but I still ate it. While there are plenty of hot snacks to buy there aren’t a lot of hot meal options to choose from unless you pre-order.

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