XL Airways is a French based leisure airline part of the all business class airline La Compagnie. The airline does not have a business class as such however XL Airways meals in their all economy class cabins are included in the price of your ticket for all flights.

On longer trips, passengers will enjoy two meal services, and shorter flights passengers should expect one meal service. There are some paid pre-order meals that passengers can purchase before their flight, and you can check out the inflight menu at the end of this article.


On flights from mainland France, you can pre-purchase an upgraded inflight meal prices start at €24 per meal. There are four choices, and they must be ordered at least 73 hours before departure. They include a selection of wine, beer, fruit juice or soda.

Italian option

Grilled vegetables
Tomato/Mozzarella Salad
Escalope with mushrooms and vegetables
Panna Cotta

Spanish Option

Starter: tapas and raw ham
Main Course: Seafood paella, chorizo and chicken
Dessert: fresh melon

Southwest France Menu

Semi-cooked duck foie-gras and mango chutney
Duck leg confit with sautéed potatoes
Caramelised nuts tart

Oriental Menu

Starter: Lebanese Mezze
Main Course: Oriental-style chicken with spiced rice and sautéed vegetables
Dessert: Arabic pastries and fresh melon

For further information on these meals, please go here.

These meals are an upgraded meal service in economy, similar to what you would receive in a business or premium economy class cabin.



Special meals include Moslem, Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegetarian/Vegan and Kids meals which cost  €10.00 per meal (€14 for Vegan and €18 for Kosher, Moslem, Gluten Free options) and can be added to your booking here.

To add a meal to your booking simply:

Head to the manage my booking page.

Fill in your last name and booking reference details.
Click on the button « Manage my booking » then « Additional services ».
Click on the third block « Special meal ».
Choose your meal.
Validate the Terms and Conditions and make payment.


For the latest inflight menu go here

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