XL Airways meals are included in the price of your ticket for all flights. On longer flights passengers will enjoy two meal services, and shorter flights passengers should expect one meal service. There are a number of paid pre-order meals that passengers in Economy class can purchase before their flight, and you can check out the inflight menu at the end of this article. For further information on meals when flying with XL Airways check here.


On flights from mainland France, you can pre-purchase an upgraded inflight meal prices start at €16 per meal. There are 6 choices and they must be ordered at least 96 hours prior to departure. They include an Annabelle Schachmes inspired dish, Spanish, Italian, Oriental, French and a Yoni Saada created dish. For further information on these meals please go here. These meals are an upgraded meal service in economy, similar to what you would receive in a business or premium economy class cabin.


Special meals include Moslem, Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegetarian/Vegan and Kids meals which cost  €10.00 per meal (14 for Kosher and Gluten Free options) and can be added to your booking here.


Galaxy class passengers on XL Airways will enjoy a choice of two hot meal options and a minimum of 2 meal services on long-haul routes. Other free snacks and drinks will be offered to you inflight.


For the latest inflight menu go here.




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